Treating the dreaded piercing bump

piercing bump
Most common reasons for getting the bump:

Nickel sensitivity - best to be in titanium
Trauma to piercing from movement
(sleeping on it or snagging it
and from movement like helmets on and off)
or switching to a ring too early


  • Ensure you have titanium or pure gold jewelry, nickel content may be your problem and even surgical steel contains a small amount of nickel. 
  • Another cause of the bump is trauma to the area, so try to sleep on the back of your head for example, if it is an ear cartilage or nostril piercing, so you aren't putting pressure on it side sleeping.
  • Depending on the location of your piercing, use spray it or soak it  2-4 times per day to ensure your piercing is clean. We recommend having both on hand so you can spray it when you don't have as much time (such as busy mornings) and soak it at night when you have the time to allow for more contact time with the saline.
  • After a spray or soak, dry the area with a clean paper towel and apply a drop or two of drop it oil blend to the piercing bump itself without touching the dropper to the skin, or use a clean finger or cotton swab to apply. Avoid dipping the cotton swab into the bottle itself unless it was a sterile swab. You can apply drop it 2-4 times per day. The ingredients in this blend are specifically selected for reducing inflammation and scarring.