Body Piercings

belly piercing

    Navel - Belly - standard 14G

    • one of the more difficult and slow healing piercings to heal due to the location - be patient
    • all belly jewelry is 14G and the standard length curved post is 10mm in length although you may have been pierced in a 12mm to allow room for swelling and cleaning
    • if you have the need for a shorter post we have belly bananas in shorter post lengths of 8mm and even 6mm

    Nipples - standard is 14G

    • straight barbells are most common post length is totally anatomy dependent on this one 12mm for smaller nipples and 16mm for larger
    • be sure any gems face forward and not to sides for best show
    • if you want rings they are most common at 10mm and 12mm

    Dermal Anchors - offered commonly in 14G and 16G

    • you must know the gauge of your dermal anchor if you want to purchase different tops for it as the threading is different between 14G and 16G
    • tops would almost exclusively be internally threaded